Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Transhumanism - Nano-Bio-Info-Congo Convergence

Humanity+ discusses the potential for human development based on emerging technologies of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience. This is simplified to Nano-Bio-Info-Congo or NBIC.

NBIC will likely be used to enhance intelligence, mobility, cognitive qualities, vision and hearing. “I think we will stop short of eugenics but proceed to offer neurological and physical enhancements that improve the quality of life under the umbrella of medicine,” writes James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures. “Industry is watching this debate closely. Boomers are also watching this debate and will influence the outcome, based on their health economic investments.” Canton asks whether people in a free society have the right to enhance their memory, augment their intelligence, maximize their pleasure, and even change their physical forms on demand. He suggests that this will become a human rights issue in the 21st century. “Longevity medicine, life extension, and the augmentation of human performance will become features of our global culture in the near future,” he argues. | Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno: Paradigm for the Future, H+ online magazine |
The optimist in me thinks this sounds great. The pessimist in me sees a looming dystopia similar to that described in Bruce Sterling's book Holy Fire. |Amazon| Worlds Without End | Blog review at Health Data Management Review | This also reminds me of this recent Wired post about digital narcotics that can be tailored to your genetic make-up and electronically activated. I can only imagine what Aldous Huxley would make of it all.

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