Saturday, December 12, 2009

Resilient Communities and the Dormant Commerce Clause

The Dormant Commerce Clause (or DCC) posits that states and cities cannot discriminate against any out of town vendor. There are a couple of exceptions, but they're very narrow and essentially create a wide-open market in the U.S.

For instance, the State of Minnesota cannot discriminate against out of state apples or even apples flown in from New Zealand.

When I think about the amount of gas burned (and carbon generated) to bring apples from New Zealand to an apple-growing region like Minnesota, it makes me dizzy.

The Dormant Commerce Clause (or DCC)is a matter of Supreme Court interpretation of the Constitution's "Commerce Clause" |Wex|Wikipedia|.

I think Congress should statutorily give governments the power to protect local interest of creating more resilient communities (as John Robb encourages at Global Guerrillas).

Governments should also be able to make regulations than impact trade to curb carbon emissions on a rational basis.

These steps would make it easier to be a localvore.

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