Friday, October 30, 2009

Taser warns not to shock chest

CNN has coverage of Taser's new cautionary advice to police departments, don't tase people in the chest as this is more likely to lead to accidental death.

Taser stun guns has advised law enforcement agencies to avoid hitting suspects in the chest, partly "to minimize controversy." ...The company advises aiming a Taser at a person's back, pelvic muscles or thigh.|CNN|

Taser's advisory to police departments suggests that this new targeting strategy is a response to all of the litigation resulting from deaths in custody when a Taser is used.

Sudden cardiac arrest, a leading cause of death in the United States, often occurs in the midst of an arrest, Taser International said in the bulletin. If a stun gun is discharged to the chest, a lawsuit likely will follow, charging that police used excessive force, the [Taser advice] document said. Plaintiffs could charge that the electronic control device caused an arrhythmia, or a disruption of the heart's rhythmic beating, the advisory said. |CNN|

I think this change is long overdue.

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