Monday, October 26, 2009


Thomas Ricks has a post about some of the lessons learned by the US military in Afghanistan. But what I thought was most interesting was one of the comments on Rick's post, which I've quoted below.

[The enlisted personnel in the US Army] have learned that they are being sent to the graveyard of Afghanistan to fight and die for the criminal puppet Karzai and his lucrative heroin cartel.

The Afghanistan people hate [the US Army] completely and want to see them killed and mutiliated. The Afghan "Army" will betray their plans to the Taliban and shoot them in the back. They will never accept the invader/occupier of their land.

Their senior officers do not care about them at all. They only care about impressing their higher ups for promotion, cush assignments, and high paying jobs in the arms industry.

Afghanistan is page 14 news to most Americans and they pay no attention at all to what is going on there. The majority of Americans can not even find it on a map. They are broke, in debt and one pay check away from financial disaster. Afghanistan is the last thing on their minds. Iraq is ancient history.

The DC politicians and pentagon gangsters only pay lip service to their [sacrifice], and use them as pawns for their own greedy motives. Same goes for the corrupt "Think Tank" propaganda [parasites]. They look at the enlisted as "Fly over" trailer trash, while laughing all the way to the to a belt way booze and hooker party. Their bank accounts are swelling with enlisted blood.

The enlisted are blamed for failure, and officers will take all the credit they can for themselves, adding as much ribbon and tin to their uniforms as will fit on their puffed up chests, while [mutilated] enlisted men and women waste away in VA hospital wards for decades to come, completely forgotten. |Link|

My father was an enlisted man in the Army and he would refer to me as officer material at times, it was a backhanded compliment.

Which is why I think I relate to the perspective of this author.

I guess I'm not quite as cynical as I believe there are many causes for our landing in the current quagmire. Afghanistan is a clusterfuck that is abetted by the extreme partisanship of our political leadership, by the incestuous nature of our political class and the defense contractors which is abetted by the pride, tenacity, and detachment of military professionals from our political discourse.

We are hip deep in the quicksand and unwilling to pull back. Maybe it's time to fix bayonets and charge!

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