Monday, September 28, 2009

Taser Update: 81 year old cripple tasered

Here's an interesting item about a California Highway Patrol officer tased an 81-year old man who was partially paralyzed and walked with a cane.

According to this account, the man struck the officer with the cane before being tased.

Now, what's even more interesting to me is Alternet's take on this:

Again, every American needs to realize that if they look at a police officer sideways or misunderstand their orders they will be shot with electricity regardless of whether the officer has other choices.

When you see a half paralyzed, 81 year old man tasered, you know for sure that it cannot be possible that they needed to taser him three times to subdue him. It was to teach him and anyone who was watching a lesson: if you fail to quickly comply with a police officer's instructions, no questions asked, you will be electrocuted and hauled off to jail. That's just the way it is. |Taser Torture: Crippled Octogenarian One of the Lucky Ones - Alternet|
As an attorney, I've come to appreciate that there are always two sides to a story... and typically both sides are lying. So you have to work hard to ferret out the truth.

So Alternet's pronouncements of unbound torture in the police state amuse. If you read the whole article the author links this police abuse to Milgram's experiments on authoritarism and torture in the 1960's.

This entire line of inquiry amuse me because I am fairly liberal and think we do live in an authoritarian police state. But the U.S. is an authoritarian society with rules and police officers can find themselves destroyed if they run afoul of those rules as well.

Alternet's pronouncement tells me more about the author's biases than about the actual event...

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