Sunday, August 23, 2009

UK Police eye Taser Shotgun

Human Rights groups don't like taser products in general and the new Taser X12 shotgun-based module even less. The X12 is a shotgun that only loads the new XREP ammo. XREP stands for extended range electronic projectile.

Here's an image of the X12 with a single-shot pistol taser (X26) below:

But as the following article concludes, the other alternatives are even less appealing. For the UK, I can see how this is far more controversial than it is in the States.

The Brits are not used to police carrying guns and shooting suspects... which is old hat here in the US. In the US, less than lethal is decidedly better than lethal force.

But in the UK, they are weighing options that are all less than lethal, so it's a much closer question.

A new Taser that fires wireless electric shock projectiles up to 30 metres is being considered for use by UK police forces, the Home Office has confirmed.

The eXtended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP), which went on sale in the US last month, attaches itself to its target with a series of barbed electrodes and delivers a 20-second, 500 volt shock....

The Home Office confirmed it was evaluating the XREP for possible use by law enforcement in Britain. "The Home Office Scientific Development Branch are considering it as part of their ongoing remit to evaluate new less lethal technologies" a spokesman said.

Taser rejected Amnesty's concerns, saying the XREP would cause less pain when it hit than other "less lethal" impact munitions and was a safer way to immobilise someone than shooting them with live ammunition.

"The premise behind the XREP is not to cause or impart physical pain, it is to cause incapacitation," spokesman Steve Tuttle said.

"I'm not saying this is risk free: it will leave potential bruising and it could cause a contusion. But when you compare it to a traditional impact munition it will be significantly less likely to cause injury and much more accurate." |UK Police may be issued with new high-power Taser - Guardian|

PoliceOne has a BluTube video on the X12 available as well.

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