Thursday, August 20, 2009

Milk Fed Suburban Blues

So, even though I fancy myself as Safety Neal and I read all these first aid manuals and buy my cutting edge safety gear, I don't necessarily assume that I know how to survive the apocalypse.

If being smart and having a backpack was enough to survive the apocalypse, then it's not really an apocalypse.

That's why I usually cannot stand disaster movies. If the cute female love interest is going to be saved by the ruggedly handsome main character, then I'm not interested.

Or some fairy tale happy ending like The Day After Tomorrow where all the survivors are airlifted to Mexico.

Giving me a break. When the SHTF, people are going to die and get maimed and life is going to suck.

Sure, I try to stack the deck in my favor, but in reality I'm a reasonably athletic librarian, not Rambo.

At least I'll be able to pass some neat survival gear to the cannibals that eat me...

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