Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slavery, that peculiar but persistent institution

Did you know that the Vikings were big into human trafficking?

Slavery has been around a long time, and unfortunately, was not extinguished with the Emancipation Proclamation. |WK|

Sex slavery, or forced prostituion, is the most common form of slavery today but there are many people around the world working who are imprisoned in labor camps by one form of despot or another.

A new documentary, the Real Sex Traffic, discloses one man's valiant effort to free his wife from captivity.

Link: The real sex traffic

For the record, if anyone sells my lovely wife into slavery, he had better pray that I die trying to liberate her, because paybacks are hell.

Via Coming Anarchy.


Sarah said...

thanks sweetie, but i think they like to kidnap women with all the parts intact...

Safety Neal (USA) said...

For some reason I doubt that the bastards are all that picky. Slaves have so many different uses...