Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Safety Propositions: Rescue Maps - Photoluminscent

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Does your workplace have glow-in-the-dark escape/rescue maps?

If not, it should. Call your safety director today!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Opposing Worldviews

ColbertCoupling Questionnaire Sample Question

I tend to see the glass as:

A. half full
B. half empty
C. a handy weapon in a bar fight

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where there's smoke...

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Mojo Trauma Kit

The Mojo Range Operations Trauma Kit was highlighted by Police Magazine in their coverage of the TREXPO show.

This is a trauma kit for gunshots wounds at shooting ranges, but it would be useful in many situations where a person had life-threatening bleeding. The key innovation is that it provides numbered instructions above the medical items.

Now this wouldn't necessarily be the best course of action in ALL circumstances, for instance, electrocution is a different course of treatment than a gunshot wound (GSW).

One of the mantras that I try to remember in a medical emergency is ABCD: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Damage.

Not that I'm an expert medic... but if I'm the first responder on the scene, then I'll do what I can to assess and stabilize any injured.

Last gasp

To live and die in Laredo

I'm absolutely fascinated by these teenage hitmen and what it says about the evolution of the war on drugs. The power of the Mexican cartels is destabilizing the Mexican government, but also making inroads in the United States.

The article

In the minds of many Americans, the Rio Grande divides Mexico, a corrupt land where drug cartels often seem to have the upper hand, from the United States, a nation of law and order, where the authorities try to keep criminal gangs in check.

But the reality on the border is much more complex. The Mexican drug cartels recruit young men from both countries and operate their smuggling and murder-for-hire rings on both sides of the divide, though under slightly different rules of engagement....

The Mexican government has been trying to crack down on the drug cartels, an effort that has left more than 10,000 Mexicans dead in the last 18 months. Some deaths are the result of shootouts between the cartels and the authorities... But the assassinations of drug dealers[,]police officers and army personnel who get in the way — the kind of work [the teenage hit men] did — also accounts for thousands of bodies. |War Without Borders: Mexican Cartels Lure American Teens as Killers - NYT|

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Evolving Realm of Policing

Interesting article on the new demands placed on police departments around the country.

Police, like the rest of society, face a changing political, technical, and economic setting. Traditionally, urban police forces confined their activities to their immediate local area for the simple reason that criminal activity was primarily a local phenomenon – jurisdictions generally matched patterns of criminal activity. As globalization and technology stimulated greater linkages among cities, widespread connections between criminal and terrorist activity began to surface, culminating in a new range of threats that local police had to address.|Global Metropolitan Policing: An Emerging Trend in Intelligence Sharing|

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ghosts of Future Past

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