Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Times

I've had a great week, even if it's been a bit intense. Several projects seemed to wrap up this weekend and I'm feeling very productive.

Even though the whole world seems to be melting down economically, but I've never felt better.

The G20 meetings sounded fruitful, let's hope the reality is half as good as the spin.

[German Chancellor Angela] Merkel told reporters: "I think I can say that we have found a very good, almost historic compromise in a unique crisis. This time the world does not react as in the 30s. This is a victory for global cooperation ... it is a victory for reason that the things that got us into this crisis are not allowed to be repeated. That is what I wanted." |G20 summit: Nicolas Sarkozy claims key role in ending 'financial madness' - Guardian|

I think Obama and Geithner have been unfairly treated by the media thus far. They inherited a plan passed by the Congress and botched by the previous administration... how are they going to turn that around? The best they can do is mitigate the harm of Bush's blunders and call that a moral victory.

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