Thursday, March 26, 2009

Torture, the gift that keeps on giving

The Attorney General for England and Wales, the Right Honourable Patricia Scotland, has quite a list of titles. She's also the Baroness Scotland of Asthal and Queen's Counsel, I gather.

Anyway, the AG has referred to the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions the case of Binyam Mohamed. A British citizen who was held by the US without charges for seven years and claims he was tortured repeatedly while in US custody.

The British case would only address whether UK intelligence officials were complicit in these crimes, I gather. Although investigations like this can take on a life of their own...

The attorney general, Lady Scotland, said in a written statement (pdf) today that she had given the allegations of possible criminal wrongdoing "very serious consideration" and felt there were sufficient grounds to launch a criminal investigation. But she stopped short of conceding a full judicial inquiry, which many critics have demanded. |Police to investigate Binyam Mohamed claims of MI5 torture complicity - Guardian|

I predict that this is only the first of many prosecutions that will be result from the illegal acts of the Bush Administration.

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