Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mexican Army strained by drug war

CNN has a recent news article by Rey Rodriguez which indicates that the use of the Mexican Army to levy war on drug traffickers and narcoterrorists is leading to desertions and the drug cartels are beginning to corrupt the Mexican armed forces as well.

The Zeta defection is old news, but indicates the power of the drugs to corrupt the armed forces, as Al Jazeera noted last year.

One entire unit of army special forces deserted in the late 1990s to form a paramilitary commando called the Zetas, who work as bloody enforcers for the Gulf Cartel.

Their rival, the Sinaloa Cartel, imitated their paramilitary style by training hundreds of would be enforcers in special weapons and tactics.

After years of beheadings and reprisal massacres, these two cartels recently reached a truce, only to turn their wrath on the federal government, according to Mexican and US drug officials. Mexico's 'narco' uprising - Al Jazeera|

We need a new strategy...

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