Monday, March 09, 2009

Disaster Preparation Woeful

The bungled response to Hurricane Katrina put us all on notice that the Department of Homeland Security is a financial black hole and an administrative nightmare created by George W. Bush's national security team.

There's a new sheriff in town, but DHS is still a cause for great concern according to a recent report.

Christine Wormuth and Anne Witkowsky waste no time getting to the point in Managing the Next Domestic Catastrophe: the first line of the report states, "America is not prepared for the next catastrophe." From there, their report analyzes the current federal preparedness apparatus and makes a series of policy recommendations.

Aside from some admirable frankness, at this point it probably sounds like much of the leaden mass. What sets it apart? Rather than vanishing into esoterica, the recommendations target the same attributes that make all organizations work better: clear chain of command, clear roles and responsibilities, improved interjurisdictional relationships, executive oversight and accountability, strategic planning, and a sustainable preparedness process. |Thinking assignment: Are we ready? - Homeland1|
I hope (for all our sakes) that Obama's team can make a dent in this problem before the next disaster strikes.

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