Friday, March 13, 2009

Cyborgs among us

A documentary filmmaker is having his prosthetic eye outfitted with a camera, according to this Wired article by Priya Ganapati.

[If Spence is] successful [in creating his camera-eye] he will be more than just another cyborg. The documentary film he's making about his efforts, plus the experience of living with a video camera in his eye, could help build greater awareness about the culture of surveillance in our society today, he says.

"No one is going to ban surveillance cameras," says Spence. "It's more about being aware of it. It's about giving a shit in the first place."

Having a bionic eye doesn't mean Spence will be recording all the time, he says...

Spence is willing to turn off his camera in spaces such as gyms, theaters or private events. But he will be making many of those decisions on the spur, every day. "I wouldn't behave that differently than someone with a cellphone today," he says.

Strikes me as perfectly reasonable, but then again, I'm a transhumanist... if not a cyberpunk.

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