Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attempted Arson against St. Paul Police

This is the first I've read about RNC protesters making molotov cocktails to use against the police.

[RNC protesters] McKay, Crowder and [FBI plant] Darby were part of a group from Texas who came to St Paul as part of a larger collection of protesters. McKay and Crowder made the Molotov cocktails after police seized a trailer containing shields that protesters had hoped to use in street demonstrations.

The FBI said McKay and Crowder made the bombs to get back at police.|US man pleads guilty to making Molotov cocktails during Republican convention - Guardian|
My first reaction is to be dismayed that someone would actually try to kill cops like this. And the cops would not respond kindly, they would likely respond with gunfire.

My second reaction is to wonder how a "firefight" between police and protestors at the RNC might have affected the election... it could have changed the whole dynamic of the McCain campaign.

Thank goodness the FBI stopped these two lunatics... for so many different reasons.

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