Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gun Toting Felons

I've always wondered about the difference between criminals who engage cops in gunfire and the criminals who automatically surrender to police. Some interesting points in this blog post below.

I do think that we're going to see crime surge back as part of the fallout of the economic meltdown.

Approximately half of felons interviewed claimed to have some type of formal firearms training, primarily from the military. The one statistic that blew me away was that on average bad guys reported practicing about 23 times a years in informal settings like back yards or drug areas. This type of constant informal training... can obviously lead to a “thinking outside the box” mentality...

Over half of [the felons] interviewed had participated in live gunplay prior to engaging a police officer. That means that half of them had previously been inoculated to being shot at or shooting at another person. Ten of the felons had been involved in five or more live firefights. Have you participated in any use of force in the form of Simmuntions or airsoft?

Only eight of the 50 police officers had been previously involved in shootings. I have to imagine that number would dwindle even more for legally armed citizens.

Across the board like most of us, the bad guys carry their guns in the waistband with the groin and small of the back being almost tied in way of preference. Amazingly 40% claimed to carry back up guns. None of them reported using a holster, which leads me to believe they will need only more preparatory movement to access their firearm.

Approximately 60% of all offenders including the street combat veterans claimed to be point shooters in that they focused on the target... The concentrated on shooting their victim to the ground and once that was achieved had no problem walking up and executing them.
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