Friday, January 23, 2009

Proud to be an American

Blogging has been light of late. No excuses except that I'm very project-oriented and my personal blogging doesn't contribute to any of my projects...

But I did want to break my silence to say that I'm proud of my President and his moral leadership in working to restore the dignity of the United States government in his first few days in office.

I was never a big Bush fan, but I wanted him to succeed. I wanted so badly to be wrong about him.

But I was correct not to have faith in him. But I never guessed how truly awful he would be.


My total loss of faith came at Abu Ghraib... at that point I knew that there was nothing on Earth the administration could ever do that would right their many wrongs.

The shame of torture and illegal, elective war will never be removed from our national guilt, I will always carry around my proportional responsibility for the wrongs committed by my government.

But I'm proud to be an American again. I will cheerfully pay my taxes this year. I will be nicer to my neighbors. I will work harder to be a good citizen.

I think we have a chance (even if a slim one) of once again becoming the greatest nation on Earth.

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