Thursday, December 18, 2008

Product Review: Molle Pouches

Blackhawk currently has a sale on molle pouches. I've been using a three pistol magazine pouch of theirs for over a year and it's fantastic.

Of course, I never carry pistol magazines in it. I typically use it to carry a tactical flashlight, a multi-tool and a pair of snips (small cutting pliers) or scissors, depending on the task at hand.

I also have pair of magazine pouches from 5.11 Tactical, but I find them really uncomfortable to wear on the front or side of my duty belt. The Blackhawk magazine pouches, on the other hand, sit much lower and have very versatile security straps that can be removed or reversed depending on your application.

The Blackhawk pouches also have a curved plastic insert to prevent items from shifting (or falling out) but the inserts are removable to make the pouch larger.

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