Saturday, November 08, 2008

Safety Propositions: Gas Stations

Police refer to convenience stores as stop-and-robs and this description fits gas stations as well, but robbery is not the greatest safety hazard at a gas station.

Accidental combustion is the greatest risk posted by a gas station, IMHO. Nobody wants to die in a conflagration. Surviving with a massive third degree burn would be torturous, as well.

Last week I pulled into a gas station and noticed that the pump's dispenser nozzle was locked into the on position. Luckily I checked it before I started the gas. I started checking the nozzle after I once saw a guy accidentally spray gasoline all over the side of his truck prior to refueling.

This habit may have saved me from being drenched in gasoline last week, which is toxic and highly flammable (of course). You would have to decontaminate before you got back in your car. Water is the natural decon agent, but you wouldn't want to pollute the sewers and ground water, so I assume you'd need to call the local FD to contaminate you... never had to do it. Knock on wood.

Only morons smoke at gas stations, but I've seen it done before. (Drive away as fast as you can.)

I don't get back in my car during refueling b/c of a risk of static discharge. If you do get back in the car (b/c of cold) be sure to touch a metal surface before putting the gas dispenser nozzle back in the gas pump.

And always turn the car completely off before fueling.

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