Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fighting the Last War

In both debates McCain's stated that he looked into Putin's eyes and saw the letters KGB. I think this is supposed to differentiate him from Dubya, who claimed to see into Putin's soul after a 2001 meeting.

As a rhetorical move, I think the KGB reference falls flat... it isn't funny and it makes him look old and paranoid. The KGB is one for the history books, McCain may as well invoke the NKVD.

It does make me fear that McCain never laid down his arms and wants to fight the cold war all over again. I'm all for supporting democracy in Ukraine, but I think we have to realistic about their proximity to Russia and our ability to actually help them.

I worry that McCain hasn't really adjusted his worldview to accept the ambiguities of a new multi-polar world where America has many competitors/collaborators in the Chinese, Russians, EU, and Indians and we have to figure out how to work with them not practice brinkmanship with them.

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