Monday, October 27, 2008

Domestic Terrorism

The skinheads plotting to rampage through a Memphis school killing African Americans starkly illuminates the threat of domestic terrorism in this country.

The fact that they targeted a school is telling. Schools are soft targets in many ways and these racist fuckheads were going to exploit that vulnerability.

The local Memphis news channel has an interesting article looking at the skinheads' MySpace pages.

I just happened to be looking at Title 18, Chapter 113B of the United States Code with respect to terrorism today. Section 2332 only refers to murder and conspiracy to commit murder outside the United States, so perhaps it isn't terrorism as defined by the US Code, but it's certainly terrorism as I use the term.

One odd thing about the Memphis news article, though, is its reference to a FASI .308 rifle. The rifle in the picture above is clearly a Heckler & Koch Model 91, with a 50mm scope. If anyone knows what FASI refers to, please add a comment.


wscholine said...

If anyone knows what FASI refers to, please add a comment.

Here's a picture of one at an auction:

Apparently it sold for $440:

Neal R. Axton (USA) said...

That's very helpful, thank you. FASI appears to be a trademark of Federal Arms (purchased by Century Arms).

Federal Arms made some aluminum receivers for HK/Cetme rifles... which were not entirely successful venture based on the range reports.