Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bush Mischief

I wonder if the military regularly violates Syria's borders, but it was considered newsworthy this time because of Syria's recent rapprochement with the West.

Joshua Landis, an American expert on Syria, commented last night: "The Bush administration must assume that an Obama victory will force Syria to behave nicely in order to win favour with the new administration. Thus White House analysts may assume that it can have a "freebee" - taking a bit of personal revenge on Syria without the US paying a price."

The attack comes as Syria takes another step in from the cold today when its foreign minister, Walid al-Mualim, visits London to hear praise for its newly conciliatory policies in Lebanon - and to be urged to distance itself from Iran.

In recent months Syria has established diplomatic relations with Lebanon and held several rounds of indirect talks with Israel, with Turkey acting as broker. In July, President Assad was invited to an EU summit in Paris.
|US forces kill eight in helicopter raid on Syria - Guardian|

As low as my opinion is of Bush... I find Mr. Landis' analysis questionable. If the Bush administration really wanted to punish Syria, surely they could do more than kill half a dozen individuals.

Say what you want about Bush, he knows how to give the order to raze a country.

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