Saturday, September 06, 2008

Steaming mad at dirt

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn's Raja Asghar reports that the several members of the Pakistani parliament are so upset at recent US incursions across the Pakistani border that they're discussing shooting at US troops.

It may all be talk, but I find it sobering that they're publicly suggesting options that they must know could risk a war with the United States.

Apparently the US has an understanding with Pakistan about incursions into their country and we're violating the terms, like exceeding the territory limits on one's hunting license. The authorities get very upset when you start hunting in the suburbs.

I wonder if this is an intentional provocation by the Bush administration to show how earnest they are about Afghanistan.

Did anyone notice that John McCain's acceptance speech never mentioned Afghanistan?

That seemed odd to me given the amount of time stressing McCain's service as a veteran to our country.

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