Monday, September 08, 2008

Metaphorically Speaking

Without question, [Bernard-Henri Lévy's] style irritates philosophers fond of tight, impersonal sentences, and it always will... Early on he mentions a well-known French formulation of the dividing line between Left and Right, Françoise Sagan's observation that "in the case of any given injustice, the man or woman of the Right will say it's inevitable. The man or woman of the Left will say it's intolerable." Lévy doesn't comment, possibly because Sagan's vision of the crusading leftist fits him too well, and he prefers, like most writers, to shape his own self-portrait. |A French Intellectual Star Considers What's Right About the Left by Carlin Romano - Chronicle of Higher Education| (emphasis added)

I was discussing this with friends over dinner and it seems highly questionable, at best it's metaphorical.

Conservatives certainly get upset when they feel disenfranchised (or their children aren't admitted to Hah-vahd). They just have so little experience of disenfranchisement because of their privileged lifestyles.

And certainly any leftist who has been around the block a few times knows that the way of the world isn't always just and you have to pick your battles...

Especially against police in full riot gear.

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