Monday, August 04, 2008

Thin Blue Line Overseas

Cop in the Hood has a post on a police officer recently killed in the line of duty in the Netherlands.

This was the fifth police officer killed since World War II.

This is a surprising fact, even if the Netherlands only has 16 million people in a country roughly twice the size of New Jersey.

The Netherlands is an international trading hub and does have a significant criminal presence and I've read of issues with mercenaries for hire and arms trading in the Netherlands in the recent past. For instance, this item on mercenaries recruited in the Netherlands from 1983.

But they are a far more tolerant society with very different ideas about vices such as drugs and prostitution as well as different gun control laws.


John Stamey said...

I watched a drunk push a couple of cops around one night on the streets of Amsterdam. (Which is the loosest of all cities in the Netherlands) The cops just let him while trying to talk him into leaving the area. Try that in Houston or Detroit. You'll be dead.

Neal R. Axton (USA) said...

Are you saying the cops in Detroit would kill any citizen who pushed them around or that if cops here were as pacifistic as Dutch police that the citizens of Houston would kill those soft police officers?

Or both?