Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The laws are so fine, that if I'm good, I will be protected

War has its myriad lessons, not only for the military tactician and the armament specialist, but for the student of statecraft. War brings its tests, as well of the morale and the intellect of the contending nations as of the fabric of their political institutions. While despotisms are supposed to be more efficient in war, and democracies slower to take up the gage of battle, in general it may be affirmed that that nation will do best in peace and in war whose governmental machinery is most sensible and best administered.

Midway between despotism and anarchy is our ideal government of well-knit efficiency consistent with individual liberty. The star of free government under fixed fundamental law is in the ascendant. Constitutions originally devised to limit the power of unjust aggression by a tyrannical monarch came to be recognized as essential to curb the excesses of a temporary majority. |Amendment of Constitutions and Recall of Judicial Decisions - Constitutional Review (1917)|

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