Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Safety Propositions: Breath Control

I've recently learned from several sources talking about the value of controlling your breathing during times of crisis. Controlled breathing helps keep you calm by controlling your heart rate. On a related note, if you are injured controlling your breathing may also help control bleeding.

I also think that breathing more consistently increases oxygenation and may help stave off fatigue.

I've been taking some yoga classes which is what first got me thinking about breath control. But I also have read about the value of controlling one's breathing in recent issues of Police and Time magazine.

When I mentioned this to a friend who has had a couple of children she suggested to me that these are all reasons why women take lamaze classes and that controlled breathing may also help in tolerating pain.

Definitely something I need to work on myself. I generally take breathing for granted and never give it a second thought, but I'm now persuaded that my cavalier approach to breathing is far from optimal.

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Justine said...

I can stop hiccups with controlled breathing, but that's much less useful than controlling pain or bleeding... ;-)