Monday, May 05, 2008

The Coming Political Spectacle

Spiegel columnist Gabor Steingart contends that Obama is the inevitable Democratic nominee, unless we want riots and maybe even civil war.

[A]s long as Obama can hold onto his slight lead in the number of pledged delegates, he will be the inevitable candidate. In fact, there is now almost a national political obligation to nominate Obama. A vote by superdelegates against Obama would set off shock waves within American society, with incalculable consequences. Young people would be outraged, intellectuals would be bitter and violence could erupt in predominantly black urban neighborhoods around the country.

An apparent rejection of her black rival would also do more to harm Hillary Clinton than help her campaign. A candidacy against the background of angry youth or even burning barricades would be of little value....

[The US] may not be burning, but it is smoldering in America. After seven years of George W. Bush, the Democratic Party has vowed to reconcile the country with itself. And now it will at least have to try, even if it means losing the presidency. |Obama the Inevitable - Speigel|
After the Pennsylvania primary, Steingart was even more pessimistic.
After Tuesday, the situation for the Democratic Party is no easier. The party seems to be cursed in this primary season, as if Obama's supporters and Clinton's fans had sealed a diabolical pact. They refuse him victory but spare her defeat.

But this game is approaching its terrible end. The superdelegates, who are independent from the party base, will have to commit a political murder in the coming months. Will it be Obama or Clinton? For the party, the decision could amount to political suicide.
|Will the Democrats Commit Political Suicide? - Speigel|
This has definitely been the most exciting primary season in recent memory, at least since 1968... now that was a barn burner!

I think it's way too early to predict defeat for any of the candidates just yet. The race is just getting into full swing, actually, and I'm sure there are many more scandals and smears to come.

And with a walking disaster like Bush in office, who knows what might happen! Race riots? A major terrorist attack? Martial law? War against Albania? I think it's too much to hope that Bush and Cheney will leave the office of the Presidency with any vestige of dignity.

Strap yourselves in, because it's going to be one hell of a ride from now until Bush is supposed to step down in January, 2009.

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