Monday, May 19, 2008

Safety Propositions: Contact with the Earth

You should not even own shoes you cannot run or fight in, because you never know when things might take a turn for the worst.

Wearing stupid fashionable shoes in an emergency could get you killed.

The same goes for super-baggy jeans, but I don't know many people foolish enough to wear those, although many of my friends wear shoes that are not practical.

It should be noted that fashionable and sensible are not mutually exclusive. I own a couple of pairs of Kenneth Cole shoes that are stable with good traction and look nice.


Jason said...

So, say you were going down to the river for a relaxing day of tubing, drinking, canoeing, whatever. Would you keep good running shoes dry in a plastic bag with you at all times?

As for baggy jeans, the Zombie Survival Guide recommends them.

Neal R. Axton (USA) said...

I can run and fight in boating shoes. I have two pairs and both work fine for that.

I own the Zombie Survival Guide and while it's entertaining, I don't think Max Brooks knows much about combat or survival.

He does a good job of following through on a series of assumptions about zombies, but his lack of actual combat experience and familiarity with weaponry shows.

Neal R. Axton (USA) said...

Actually, now that I'm looking at my copy of the Zombie Survival Guide (ZSG), on page 62 it suggests tight clothes and short hair for zombie avoidance.

Mun Mun said...

There are some women that can run in high heels. I hate these people. I can't even walk in high heels. Zombies are pretty slow though, so maybe you don't need to run very fast.