Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Concealment, not cover

A pregnant woman in Saint Paul was recently shot through her apartment door, but survived.

20-year-old Andrea Benjamin endured the ordeal of her life when a bullet through the door struck her and her unborn baby Sunday.

Benjamin was forced into early labor Sunday when bullets were fired through her St. Paul apartment front door. Now, both mom and newborn son Jaden are expected to survive.

Police are still looking for the suspect, who they believe is female....

"I’m scared she is going to come back obviously when you shoot six times through a door you want to kill somebody." |St. Paul Woman & Unborn Baby Shot - Fox|
I'm sure there's a story to this murder attempt and I'm also guessing they aren't sharing the whole thing with the police.

In the movie Sharky's Machine a character is killed in that by a shotgun round directed through the peephole.

Luckily this would-be assassin wasn't using a shotgun.

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