Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alternative Energy & the Managed Economy

I ran across this polemic yesterday and while the article's main thesis (that Bush has looted the country as part of a rebellion by the rich) is no big surprise to anyone in the reality-based community who has been paying attention for the last seven years of Bush's disastrous reign.

But I liked this segment which points out the need to manage the economy to transition to use more alternative energy.

In the real world, there are no such things as free markets.

In the real world, business people manipulate and conspire to control markets, and governments both control and collude with business, while tax policies and government spending have a major affect on the economy.

Let us accept that, and then the argument is only over how best to do it.

Simply giving money to rich people doesn't work.

Bob Novak, the conservative commentator who calls the investor class "the most creative class," is flat out wrong. As we've seen, outside of their ability to buy influence in politics, the media and the law, the rich are like the rest of us, relatively passive and unimaginative, prone to putting their money in the easiest place that promises a return, in whatever bubble is in fashion at the moment and wherever some salesman who gets their attention tells them.

Money has no mind of its own. It has to be directed toward areas that will generate and support business and good jobs at good wages. As it happens, our economic goals are on the same road as the social good.

The No. 1 target has to be alternative energy.
|The Fraud of Bushenomics: They’re Looting the Country - Alternet|(emphasis added)
Of course, we not only need to change our energy sources, but we must cut back on energy expenditures. Voluntary simplicity just isn't in the American character, so it will have to be involuntary simplicity... which means market forces, government regulation or both.

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