Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trust Misspent

Phillip Carter is a pretty eloquent writer, which is one of the reason he writes for Slate and blogs at the Washington Post now. His recent article Plan Fubar would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic.

I'm speechless at his recent expression of disappointment with President Bush.

In an interview with ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz...President Bush dropped [a] bomb that has curiously not provoked much response.... [President Bush admitted to Raddatz] that his own certainty about the [Iraq] mission was more important than telling the truth to the American people [about the civil war exploding there].

I [Phillip Carter] was in Iraq during this time in 2006. I remember well how the violence spiraled out of control after the Samarra mosque bombing in February 2006.

How every single indicator pointed in the direction of doom... how we felt like spectators watching a civil war engulf Iraq, with too few troops to make a difference, and no political direction to do so.

All through this period, I remember the president, his senior aides and senior military commanders toeing the party line that things were going swimmingly. The dissonance between the rhetoric from Washington and our experience in Iraq was stark.

[We] knew the... truth. Being deceived by our senior political leaders... hurt morale by undermining confidence in the chain of command...

It's disappointing to hear now, two years after the fact, that the president was knowingly bull----ing us the whole time. And that he justified such dishonesty in the name of supporting the troops and protecting their morale. That's an insult to America's men and women in uniform... |Adding Insult to Injury - Intel Dump (now at WaPo)|

Fair enough.

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