Saturday, April 12, 2008

Project 515: Separate and Unequal

Sarah gave me a report from Project 515. Project 515 documents all the ways that the denial of the right to marry discriminates against gays and lesbians.

In some ways, the marriage ban defeats anti-corruption measures like Minnesota Statute 204B.19(subsection 2), which prevents corruption in the election judging process and reads:

Individuals not qualified to be Previous match election judge Next match s. No individual shall be appointed
as an Previous match election judge Next match for any precinct if that individual:
(a) is unable to read, write or speak the English language;
(b) is the spouse, parent, child or sibling of any Previous match election judge Next match serving in the same precinct or
of any candidate at that election;... |Minnesota Legislature's Office of Revisor of Statutes|
This statute on its face does not apply to two gay men living in the same house in the same precinct and both being an election judge.

Minnesota has a reputation for being progressive, but not on the gay marriage ban so far. New York and Massachusetts both allow gay marriage, although other states don't have to accept that marriage certificate under the final version of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

I think marriage is good for society and people, on balance and should be encouraged. The US Supreme Court talks about a fundamental right to marry, but how fundamental can it be when it's only allowed to straights and some bi-sexuals?

I support opening marriage (at least in Minnesota) open to everyone.

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