Monday, April 28, 2008

Grand Theft Auto & Cultural Irresponsibility

Keith Stuart gives GTA IV a huge compliment in the Guardian.

Today I went to Rockstar and played GTA IV for several hours... It is a game of simply breathtaking scope, filled with wit and smut and beautifully engineered violence....

[W]hen things go horribly wrong [in the game] you usually just end up laughing - this is one of those rare games... where failure is rewarded, usually with carnage and destruction. I laughed a lot...

[T]he story is rife with moral choices; for the first time in the series you'll be shaping the narrative, personalising it.... the relationships you must form and manipulate as you go through the missions, the way in which the mobile phone and in-game web browser take the place of traditional menu screens, pushing the game forward in a seamless satire on digital communication.

I can't score GTAIV, there's plenty I don't know yet. I was never a massive fan of the series, I enjoyed the previous titles, but I saw the flaws. But one thing's for sure. This is an important game - important in a way that Halo 3 wasn't - important because it is so ambitious, so detailed, so confident in its originality and inventiveness.

It would sort of be an act of cultural irresponsibility not to play it. |Link|

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