Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dark Oaths

Reading up on the current clusterfrag in Iraq, I ran across the counter-insuregency blog Abu Muqawama, whose main author apparently feels almost as strongly as I do about the treason of Douglas Feith.

If there is a more miserable character in Washington than Doug Feith, we don't want to know about him or her.

If this guy -- after playing a central role in the fiasco that was the Iraq War -- had just quietly retired to some horse farm in Maryland, Abu Muqawama would be a lot less angry and might even pity the guy.

Sometimes even really smart, well-intentioned people blunder into huge mistakes. But the way Feith feels the need to constantly prove that he was right -- about everything -- and how it was always someone else who was undermining his failsafe schemes ...

[W]ell, pathetic is the most charitable word that comes to mind. |From the Dept. of People Who Need to Go Away - Abu Muqawama|

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