Thursday, February 07, 2008

On Electing Policy Wonks

As I look back at the last several presidential campaigns, I'm struck by how many of the candidates were really policy wonks and not really leaders.

I love Al Gore, but he's not charismatic. We need smart, detail-oriented people with vision like Al Gore, but not as President. I firmly believe that Al Gore would have been 10,000 times better as President than Bush, but he'd be perfect for the head of the EPA.

Hillary Clinton is another person who is bright and hard-working, but not that charismatic or inspirational. I'm not the only one who thinks so.

[Richard Cohen's] dream ticket: Obama for president; Clinton for chief of staff...

Just about everything Clinton says about herself -- her experience, her indomitability, her presumed ability to work long hours -- says to me that she would make a swell chief of staff. Beyond that, she either lacks the qualities that would make a great -- not merely competent -- president or hides them from us, as she has occasionally done with her own pain.

My conclusions about Clinton... come from her own campaign. Whether she meant to or not, she has presented herself as a model of caution, of experience hard-earned and not enjoyed, and an inability to admit fault or lousy judgment. |Hail to the Chief of Staff - WaPo|
I like Hillary and I think she's a great public servant, but I think Barack Obama is far more eloquent, charismatic, and inspirational, which are the skills a President needs most in my humble opinion.

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