Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why I support Amnesty for Immigrants

The United States is a country of immigrants. The only ones with a real claim to being native are the First Nations like the Blackfeet, Ojibwe, and Hopi. The rest of us are all carpet baggers, whether from Europe or Central America most recently.

The only chance Social Security and Medicaid (especially Medicaid) have of remaining solvent in the future is if we expand the rolls of younger citizens, and that means immigration!

Immigrants should be allowed to work in the US as guest workers and pay into Social Security, and if they achieve citizenship, they should be able to draw Social Security and retire to Phoenix like everyone else.

They should also be given driver's licenses as guest workers and expected to buy car insurance like everyone else. (Although since I'm on a rant, how about building a real public transportation system in this country... preferably run on renewable energy.)

The plans to send immigrants back to their states of origin to restart the citizenship process are ridiculous and formulated to appeal to the xenophobic voting bloc in this country.


Language Lover said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn't agree more. All this business about "sending them back where they came from" or constructing a border fence is rooted in nothing more than racism.

Les said...

Well as usual, blame those who came before us. Like I can change their actions, and give it all back and will fix it all. Nor can I imagine what it was really like to live without electricity! But if we stopped it we could really save the world couldn't we. The two fatal words you insight in support of the law breakers are "IF citizenship" and "Expected buy insurance" The present stats show they will do neither, nor do they care and that is not why they are here. If they don't do either and get in trouble they can depend on the Socialist Democratic Leadership in Washington D.C will insure they get more social programs that can't be paid for. Social Security and Medicare have been dead since the elected criminals in Washington DC started using the funds for their pet projects and salaries. Once Americans understand that the poor will always be with us, no matter what, then new and more up todate systems and programs can be developed and implement at State level, not Federal level. Also, throwing the "racism" into the issue is just another over educated person's way of saying nothing. But it does sound good don't it!
And to throw another rant into the issue, well that really helps. If you want to get that rant fixed, then eliminate the big UNIONS and the Socialist Democratic Leadership that loves to cater to them so.