Monday, January 07, 2008

Don't tell me it's going to be alright

Juan Cole makes the sobering observation that Iraqi politicians are betting their lives on the outcome of the US elections.

Radio Sawa reports in Arabic that Iraqi members of parliament dismiss the pledge of US presidential candidate Barack Obama to end the Iraq War and withdraw US troops from the country. They say it is just campaign talk and that if Obama were elected he would swiftly become more realistic.

(It is my firm impression that the Iraqi political class has unrealistic expectations of the US public. The likelihod is that most US troops will be out by summer 2010 no matter who wins, and if Iraqi politicians want to avoid being taken out and shot in the aftermath, they had better cut some deals locally soon. |Bombings Roil Diyala - Informed Comment|(emphasis added)
The US cannot stay in Iraq forever and when we leave things are going to become nasty very quickly, I think.

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