Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last chopper out of Baghdad

Intel Dump indicates that the US isn't engaging in succession planning for Iraq.

Kirk Johnson, a former USAID official in Iraq... [explained that] there is no reasonable argument for not helping [our Iraqi allies & confederates to emigrate from Iraq] — no security, human rights, logistical or other argument that has merit. It's simple politics — both the lack of political will to help, and to move the U.S. Government's bureaucracy to actually do something.

This grows out of the unwillingness to admit failure, because an organized effort to help Iraqis emigrate from Iraq would be tantamount (in the Government's eyes) to an admission of failure. Johnson, Packer, and others are absolutely correct to point out the dishonor in that position, and the national shame we will bring upon ourselves if we leave these men and women behind.

But it's more than honor or liberalism that's at stake here. It's about our interests too. If we leave these Iraqis behind, we will have a much tougher (if not impossible) time recruiting friends and allies in that part of the world, or any part of the world. Our actions today will set the stage for our ability to work with allies and friends in the future. ||Betrayed - Intel Dump| (emphasis added)
When did contingency planning become a four letter word at the Pentagon?

The US military is the best fighting force in the world, but it's not designed as an occupation force and we simply cannot sustain this level of commitment for another five or ten years.

We have to accept that we will pull out eventually and we should start accepting more Iraqi refugees, in my opinion. The best way for us to be successful in intelligence operations in Arab speaking countries is to develop a loyal cadre of Americans who speak Arabic and know the culture.

If dumbass Bush was really planning for a century long war, he'd be relocating Iraqis to the US by the boatload and planning for the next war, because this one is FUBAR.

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