Sunday, January 27, 2008

Irish gang war explodes

Ireland has been one of the fastest growing economies in the EU in the past few years and has been considered a success story.

However, this recent article indicates that the peace brokered between Irish nationalists and the UK government has led some of former terrorists to sign on with organized crime.

Last year was one of the bloodiest in the gangland wars of Ireland's capital. At least 20 murders were connected to at least four separate feuds involving rival criminal gangs. So far, investigations into these murders have not led to any convictions.

Last weekend, during anti-gangland operations across the city, [Irish National Police] found explosive devices and improvised bombs in a house in north Dublin.

[Irish National Police] believe ex-republican paramilitaries, in particular a former IRA bomber originally from Newry but now based in Dundalk, have been selling bomb-making technology to Dublin's criminal gangs as they seek to either eliminate or intimidate rivals in the capital's underworld. |'Viper' gunned down at gym - Guardian|

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