Monday, December 03, 2007

Blood Oaths: are we obligated to stay in Iraq?

I was watching this week's edition of Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria and he interviewed the Kurdish ambassador to the United States.

Towards the end of the interview, the Kurdish ambassador stated that all three of the major factions in Iraq want the United States to stay in Iraq.

The Sunnis are afraid that if the US leaves, the Shiites will decimate them.

The Shiites are afraid that if the US leaves the rest of the Arab world will invade Iraq to keep them from decimating Iraq's Sunni minority.

And the Kurds are worried they'll get screwed by everyone (including Turkey).

Fareed Zakaria agreed that this was probably true, but asked why the Kurds were the only ones who would mention this publicly and the Kurdish ambassador suggested that the recent negotiations to maintain a permanent US presence indicated the true feelings of the Arabs.

If this is true... then it shows what a horrible mess Bush has gotten the US into in Iraq.

The Iraqis want us to stay not because they like our presence, but because the potential alternatives are even worse.

Too bad none of this was foreseeable...

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