Thursday, November 29, 2007

Laws Schmaws

Read an interesting little piece in the Wall Street Journal about the Special Investigator who is reviewing the actions of Karl Rove to see if he illegally used federal government agencies to assist in 2004 election contests.

Mr. Bloch's investigation of the White House political operation began after a Rove deputy gave a series of political presentations to government agencies on Republican prospects in specific congressional races. Mr. Bloch's office wants to know whether such presentations violated the Hatch Act, a law forbidding the use of federal resources to back candidates for office...

In one email...disclosed this summer, an official quotes Mr. Rove as being pleased that officials at the Commerce, Transportation and Agriculture departments went "above and beyond" the call of duty in arranging appearances by cabinet members at Republican campaign events...

The special counsel's probe has already found one alleged violation, at the General Services Administration, where Rove deputies gave a presentation on Jan. 26. At the end of the presentation, according to a report by Mr. Bloch's office on the incident, GSA Administrator Lurita Doan asked, "How can we help our candidates?" Twenty participants in the meeting recalled substantially the same words, the report said. |Head of Rove Inquiry in Hot Seat Himself - WSJ|(emphasis added)
Compared to the many war crimes, felonies, and systematic corruption engineered by the White House in the past seven years, this doesn't surprise me... but it's still pretty lousy.

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