Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Suicide as an act of love

There are several instances where I think the federal government has usurped state authority and I feel that the states should be allowed to experiment in their jurisprudence. One of these issues is in the area of assisted suicide.

The trial of Jack Kevorkian is a travesty to my mind and yet another instance of adults being deprived rights because of a right-wing obsession with the rights of protoplasm.

A French philosopher and his wife recently committed suicide together due to her deteriorating health. This strikes me as courageous and laudable.

An open letter of love and despair written by renowned French philosopher André Gorz to his British-born wife, Doreen, has become an overnight bestseller in France after the couple were found dead in their home east of Paris... They had committed suicide together... by lethal injection.

On the table beside them were piles of letters they had written explaining their act to officials and friends. There were detailed instructions for their cremation...

'He felt he must pay back his debt to the woman who had stood by him in good times and bad, an indefatigable intellectual companion and secretary,' said Serge Lafaurie, a journalist and friend of the couple with whom Gorz co-founded the left-wing weekly news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur

It was last autumn, when his wife was becoming overwhelmed by ill health, that Gorz, then 83, first published his 75-page Lettre a D. Histoire d'un Amour (Letter to D. Story of a Love).

'You will soon be 82. You have shrunk six centimetres and you weigh just 45 kilos and you are still beautiful, gracious and desirable,' it begins. 'It is now 58 years that we have lived together and I love you more than ever,' he wrote. 'I carry in myself a devouring emptiness within the hollow of my chest, which can only be filled by the warmth of your body against mine.' |Love letter that sealed a death pact - Guardian|

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