Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tasers, winning people over with electricity

A recent study presented to the American College of Emergency Physicians' Research Forum was conducted by Wake Forest researchers and this study totally exonerated the Taser.

"This study is the first large, independent study of injuries associated with Tasers. It is the first injury epidemiology study to review every Taser deployment and to reliably assess the overall risk and severity of injuries in real-world conditions."

"The injury rate is low and most injuries appear to be minor. These results support the safety of the devices," he added.

Bozeman said the review covered 100 per cent of Taser use and the study offered the best information to date on the medical risks of using the weapon. He said other studies were limited because they looked either at the effect on animals or healthy police volunteers undergoing training (police officers have to experience the effect of a Taser before they can use one). He said this was the first study to examine the effect of Tasers on "criminal suspects in real-world conditions". |Study Suggests Taser Use By US Police Is Safe - Medical News Today|

While this is a fascinating development, not everyone is convinced that this study will be the last word in the debate over Taser safety.

Dr. Corey Slovis, professor and chairman of emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University, says other recent research suggests that the weapons may be dangerous for some....

Slovis says that the ability of police officers [and others] in prime health to endure a Taser shock would not necessarily represent that of the people most likely to receive such a shock -- many of whom may have systems weakened by drugs, agitation or other factors. |Tasers Safe? New Study Sparks More Debate - ABC News|

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