Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rendition by any other name?

UPDATE: Here's a link to the Court's order as a PDF.

A federal court this week told Bush that he couldn't turn a detainee over to Tunisia, a state labeled as a human rights violator by the US State Department. Of course, we surrended the moral high ground on torture long ago.

[On] Tuesday a US federal judge blocked the Pentagon from transferring a Guantanamo Bay detainee to Tunisia where he allegedly faces torture, in a landmark ruling in the treatment of detainees.

District Judge Gladys Kessler granted a preliminary injunction to halt a move by the defence department to transfer Mohammed Abdul Rahman to Tunisia...

Jennifer Daskal, senior counter-terrorism counsel for Human Rights Watch, said: "This is the first time since congress tried to strip court jurisdiction over detainees that a court stepped in and said to the administration, 'Hey wait. You can't do what you say you want to do.'"...

Joshua Denbeaux, Rahman's lawyer, praised the ruling.

"It's the first time the judiciary has given a detainee any substantive right, in this case it is the right not to be tortured by the Tunisian government," he said. |US court dismisses 'rendition' case - Al Jazeera|
Bush's attempt to create an extra-judicial zone in Cuba will take decades to untangle.

Having made these individuals our prisoners and mistreated them, we cannot just give them a bus ticket and $200 and send them on their way. If they didn't hate us before, they certainly will hate the US if and when they're finally freed from Bush's gulag.

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