Monday, October 29, 2007

The decline of the reality-based community

More and more, empty “science” stories are being generated by public relations companies, who team up with academics, and commission some spurious piece of “research” that will be attractive to the media...

None of Dr Curry’s doubtless excellent scholarly work in political theory has ever generated media coverage like his silly futuristic essay [on human evolution]. I spoke to friends on other newspapers... who told me they had stand up rows with news desks, explaining that this was not a science news story.

But the selective pressure on national newspapers is for journalists who compliantly write up this kind of commercial puff nonsense as "science news", while religious fundamentalism of all varieties is conquering the world. Bravo! |All Men will have Big Willies - Bad Science|
This rather amusing story is just another example of why information literacy is more important than ever and how the main stream media has become little more than infotainment.

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