Friday, October 12, 2007

Death of the Republic Revisited

The recent revelations about the Department of Justice secretly endorsing torture while Bush was explicitly denying the allegations of torture aren't surprising to anyone who has been paying attention.

What is infuriating is that it doesn't seem to be making any real difference. Just like Bush is running out the clock on the Iraq war, so the Dem's are running out the clock on Bush.

I have to agree with the following analysis on how cowardly this is.

And so we ask again: why do the Democrats in Congress – or indeed, any figure in the Establishment, Democrat or Republican – continue to treat this criminal gang as the legitimate government of a constitutional republic? How can any Senator or Representative go about their daily business while these brutal apes in tailored suits degrade the nation with their torture, their tyranny, their war crimes? Why are they not moving heaven and earth, using all the powers and legal procedures at their command, to oust Bush and Cheney and the whole sick crew from office?

The answer, of course, is that they do not really object to torture, tyranny or military aggression. Oh, they may have a few quibbles about how such things are carried out; after all, the great theme of mainstream Democratic "opposition" to the Iraq War is that Bush has "botched" the conquest with his "incompetence," not that it was a monstrous crime against humanity from the beginning, on precisely the same moral level as Hitler's invasion of Poland.

They may object to a few varieties of the tortures being used against the captives being held indefinitely without charge in concentration camps like Gitmo and secret CIA prisons; but they have never registered a single formal protests against these procedures, not even a toothless censure of the president, much less moving articles of impeachment against Bush not only for the flagrantly illegal tortures themselves, but also for brazenly disregarding the few strictures on torture that they did manage to pass. |Unguarded Moment: Another Brake on Tyranny Stripped Away - Empire Burlesque|
As I blogged back in 2005, Bush is a war criminal and belongs in prison for condoning (if not explicity ordering) torture.

I despise the Dem's as spineless, but the Republicans are beneath my contempt. I don't want to reform them, I want to end them.

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