Thursday, September 13, 2007

As if speaking the Devil's name summons her...

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Even after six years of this demented administration, it's still shocking how phony the Republicans arguments are decrying debate on their Orwellian surveillance programs.
[National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell] charged that as a result of press reports and Congressional debates regarding surveillance activities, "some Americans are going to die." That's because disclosures about surveillance activities will tip off terrorists to the existence of American surveillance programs and prompt them to use alternate communication methods, making it more difficult for the authorities to stop terrorist attacks before they occur.

McConnell didn't elaborate on which specific revelations undermined anti-terrorism efforts. It can hardly have been a surprise to Al Qaeda that the U.S. government was spying on them or that they were using American voice and data networks to do it.

Still, fear of terrorism is a potent force in American politics, and so McConnell's charges, however dubious, may persuade some members of Congress to support the administration's position. |What state secrets? National Intelligence Director cops to spying program - Ars Technica|
I'm going to beat the Christmas rush by calling McConnel a fear-mongerer right now.

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