Friday, September 07, 2007

Men at Arms

I took a mental health break today and went out for three rounds of sporting clays.

I haven't been doing it very long, but it's quite addictive. It's expensive and time-consuming... but life is short and shotguns are so much fun.

Thinking about the gun control debate in this country, I've been reflecting on the fact that the second amendment right of a well-organized militia to keep and bear arms is strictly a product of the U.S. Constitution and does not apply to anyone other than me and my fellow citizens.

If there are any de minimis "universal human rights" (a proposition I'm not entirely sure of) I think a right to self defense is certainly one of those rights.

Self defense can manifest itself in many ways, but to be effective it requires cunning, intensity and the right tools.


Jason said...

How expensive? Maybe we can try a range in Austin while you are down here.

Neal R. Axton (USA) said...

That's a great idea. I think you'll really like sporting clays. I'm sure we can find a range down there, after all, you live in TEXAS!

Two rounds of sporting clays generally runs me about $50, a bit more if I rent a shotgun instead of using my own.