Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bush Urges UN to Spread Freedom; US at top of UN's list

In the midst of all the hysteria about Ahmadinejad's visit to the US, Juan Cole keeps his eye focused on the bottom line. War with Iran "will not advance any of America's four interests in the Middle East: petroleum, markets, Israel and hegemony."

[Ahmadinejad] has been depicted as a Hitler figure intent on killing Israeli Jews, even though he is not commander in chief of the Iranian armed forces, has never invaded any other country, denies he is an anti-Semite, has never called for any Israeli civilians to be killed, and allows Iran's 20,000 Jews to have representation in Parliament....

The neoconservatives are even claiming that the United States has been at war with Iran since 1979.

As Glenn Greenwald points out, this assertion is absurd. In the '80s, the Reagan administration sold substantial numbers of arms to Iran. Some of those beating the war drums most loudly now, like think-tank rat Michael Ledeen, were middlemen in the Reagan administration's unconstitutional weapons sales to Tehran. The sales would have been a form of treason if in fact the United States had been at war with Iran at that time, so Ledeen is apparently accusing himself [and much of the Reagan administration] of treason. |Turning Ahmadinejad into public enemy No. 1 - Salon|

Talk about chutzpah! The neo-cons are masters of revisionist history as well as only seeing the reality they want to see.

Why does anyone listen to these morons any more? They should all be fired from any governmental position so they can all go back to working as lobbyists (not that they ever changed their allegiances...)

Title derived from bildungblog post.

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